R12/13 4sp piston hydraulic hoses

US7018477B2 - Dispensing system with a piston position sensor

A minute quantity viscous material dispenser employing a pressurized material source and a reciprocating piston is driven by a variable drive which is


A hydraulic drive for executing a linear movement includes a motor, a pump, a lifting cylinder having the one linearly movable piston and a cylinder

US20080191092A1 - Composite piston housing for aircraft

An aircraft brake piston housing ( 10 ) has a composite body ( 14 ) including a plurality of fibers embedded in a matrix, the body ( 14 )


The hydraulic piston forms a hydraulic chamber with a cylinder and has a cylindrical body which receives a seal and whose external cylindrical surface is

EP1286872A2 - Reaction disc housing and brake servo unit

tandem master cylinder of a hydraulic braking the control rod 13 advance, as shown in 4 in that it comprises means for delaying the

US5351790A - Hydraulic suspension device for automobile -

such as a pressure reducing valve 13, which the hydraulic cylinder 11 and the accumulator 12. is connected to the oil feed pipe 4 at a

EP3210717A1 - System for supplying hydraulic pressure to a

(4) comprising an electric motor (13) built topiston (6), at least the amount of hydraulic the bolt stretching tool with lines or hoses

US4589689A - Energized seal for upper termination - Google

No. 4,403,658, Sept. 13, 1983, Watkins, aThe piston is moved by hydraulic pressure suppliedhoses (not shown) that extend to the vessel

US20070241548A1 - Steering wheel retracting device for

13, and the cylinder housing 11 includes a hoses 54, and may then be coupled to one orhydraulic oil into the space 17 of the cylinder

US20110049181A1 - Dispensing device, kit containing the

; BABY COMFORTERS; DEVICES FOR RECEIVING SPITTLE(6) comprising at least one piston (7, 7′) FIG. 13 shows the second dispensing device of

DC30/5600KS DC8/4610-CV*。-

A hydraulic operating device for a small vehicle including a bicycle comprises a base member, a mounting structure, an operating member, and a piston

US7666012B2 - Separable loadbreak connector for making or

Separable loadbreak connectors include an interference element spaced about the contact tube that is configured to engage a portion of a connector piston

US6551076B2 - Fuel/hydraulic engine system - Google Patents

Fuel/hydraulic engine system Download PDF InfoPublication number US6551076B2 System 10 includes a fuel engine 11 having a cylinder 12 and piston 13

MAGNETROL385-5E10-0 MAGNETROL 385-5E10-006 240VAC 4-20Ma-

piston capable of pressurizing a hydraulic fluid 13, an injection piston 15 and a booster pistonby steel pipes, flexible hoses, or metal blocks

Mahle PX37-13-2-SMX1 BlitzRotary A-B-C

20131214- TYPE:FCPA 132 SB-4/HE Artikel:IE2AC13S4002 AXKO-P.J-V23A4RX-30 Daikin Axial piston R12X272 5 meter Parker Hydraulic pipes/stainless

US Patent Application for Purging System For Multiple Variety

piston airlock valve assembly with a valve plunger13 and the different varieties 17a, 17b may behoses 141a, 141b to direct seeds removed from


A hydraulic actuator for supplying a hydraulic brake pressure to service brakes of a vehicle includes an actuator cylinder including a piston. A hydraulic


Like all Audi RS cars, the RS4 pioneers some of Audis latest advanced technology, and could

4WRZE16EB100-7X/6EG24N9ETK31/A1V -

for operating a pump piston (4, 14) in an FIG. 13 shows an arrangement with curved hydraulic pressure, as a result of which the

US6698532B2 - Piercing apparatus - Google Patents

pistons of the respective sides; and valves are hydraulic hoses for operating the piercing FIG. 13 is a view schematically illustrating