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201587-150U-3(84447500) 250 VAC 0-600mBar IP54 GAS Controls Limited 221212-IN15DC 0-10000psi 4-

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11 5000psi 13 5/8 10000psi 13 5/8 2. Outer diameter: 73.02-88.9mm; 3. Net 2. Applicable media: oil, natural gas, mud,


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Hahn-gasfedern 675409 100N??HAHN-Gasfedern G PREVOST PBM10 (8-10) 9mm bandwidth JOKAB HZ240/60,ORIF1/16,WATTS 21,PSI3000,COD U0412

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201858-?1PD 4.2 3/8 GAS54.808.101r?1PD 4.2 3/80,FÜR GRD 18,Pos.554TYPE:Y34S 6000PSI 316|GUIDELINE|NODINGA2000|GUIDELINE|Relay 3RA1110-

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201882-MFC:D-6211,SN:2607-9410D,Flow:20 In/min,Gastemp0 SDF-DF-22-408mm-9mm/+50mm-S-C-SC-PK-30-30/S205-P3.Nr.PSI-30-30/3-PPTK-300


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PMA KS45-113-10000-000FLEX-F FLEX-F015TK070STRAUB STRAUB-GRIP-L 88.9mm NBR/ES with steelHEISE HQS=2=D=I=G=0/150 PSI=APhoenix

201683-313832 C-Nr.03004155-2 2003/48 26-2015D26ADrei Bond hose PKP108-G1/4-L185??PKP108x185GW150 A6 Pmax=600mBar Gas(AC)50-60HZ 10A

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Stainless Steel Double Braided 1500 PSI 6AN AN6 AN-6 Oil Fuel Gas Line Inner Diameter (D): 8.7mm (±0.5mm) Outer Diameter (d): 13.9mm (

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201812- hose fittings, Nozzle brass, Potential Viatran 2476APGX1456C (mb200 PSI) Pressure PEM RCTrms/10000A/5/500/BC-BNC Rogowski,


201019-KISTLERHOMMELMVSI 10/10000-S02kistlerIFSYSHCS02.1IPPLE KEBsystemairSKH G1 1/4 3125 SAE6000PSI (zero leakage)(4 TODO-MATIC hose unit


BLACK 5/16 (7.9MM) GOODYEAR INSTAGRIP 300PSI RUBBER FUEL / OIL HOSE 6 METRES in Vehicle Parts Accessories, Car, Truck Parts, Performance Parts